Try the PUF‍‍‍F in the WAFFLE

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Where to ‍‍‍find us?

Unit 34
Anchor Courtyard
Albert Dock


A little nibble about us...

We love waffles and we want to share our love with you!

We are a two man team based in the North West of UK. 

So come have a taste and see what you think fo‍‍‍r yourself!

What is Puffle‍‍‍ Waffle?

Add Filling

The unique thing about puffle waffle is the option of adding filling in each individual puff.

Choose from a range of choices including banana and berries for a sweet and melt in your mouth waffle sensation.

Or maybe fill it up with cheese for the melted stringy pizza like savoury waffle! 



Add Filling

Puffle Waffle can be described as PUFFY, SOFT, CRISPY and YUMMY!!

Each Waffle is made up of 30 puffs which are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The puffs can be broken off to dip in your ice cream or to share.(Although sharing that never happens!)

Add your choice of fillings in each puff and your choice of toppings and ice-cream to create your favourite puffle waffle!